Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday Madness

So this weekend was nice...I didn't do much, and yet I got so much done! I totally destroyed and put back together my bedroom, I packed up a ton of my books for my sister to take back to Michigan with her. Actually, the books take up all of my suitcase, so I know I'll have to take some back out, but whatever. :) At least they're out of my closet, which wasn't big enough to hold them all anyway! I did tons of laundry, cleaned under my bed, and oh yeah, watched a ton of movies!! Yay for my "new" VCR/DVD player (and Kris for loaning me all the movies, haha!)

I did attend one very fun event this weekend, though- a Dar Williams concert. My first, and hopefully not my last! :) It was awesome! It was held outside, which just made it so much better- completely relaxing, and just what I needed! I went w/ Kris, one of her friends, and the friend's boyfriend, so I got to meet some new people in the general area. Always a good thing... As an added plus, I had a great conversation with Stevie before the concert- I hadn't talked to her in way too long, because we always get each other's answering machine. I literally screamed for joy in the car when I called and she actually answered her phone! Ah, the simple things that make me happy...talking to old friends being on the top of the list. It's hard to believe that we've known each other for as long as we have, and just as hard to believe that Mom and Dad uprooted us from Pennsylvania 9 years ago in October. I was reading one of those "If you're from..." pieces, and thank goodness I can still relate to the Pennsylvania list. In fact, none of the Ohio lines pertained to me. Whew...

Today is already is it that I will be in Ohio in 4 days? I'm not sure I want to go, truthfully. Jess will be in Bolivia, Amata & Shae in college, leaving only the 4 youngest kids at home... it's not like there's too much to do around there anyway, so I'm somewhat regretting not deciding to travel to California/Oregon/ Washington to visit family members. Ah well, maybe it will turn out to be relaxing- who knows. I am looking forward to meeting Annie, however! My last trip to Ohio (a short 3 day one) was planned around her expected arrival...she was born a few days after I returned here, of course. I should know by now not to plan any trips around unborn babies! :)

Anyway, today was a good day w/ the kids. J was home, as his summer camp is finished. Surprisingly, he slept until 9:30, which is totally unheard of for him. While he was still asleep, Z fell off a chair backwards while trying to reach a crayon. He hit his head on the carpeted floor, but is fine. I think he was more stunned than anything else.
The cleaning crew was here today, and it's always hard for them to clean w/ 3 kids around, so I took them to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch and to play some games. D spent most of her time sitting in a cute little CEC car just smilin' it up. She had a blast. Z kept going up the slide backwards and then getting run over by kids coming down...not like I haven't told him it's not a good idea to go up backwards, he just enjoys doing it...crazy boy! J spent about 20 tokens playing Skee-Ball, Z used only 3 or 4, and then D and I used a few as well.
Once we got back to the house, the two youngers went down for a nap and J went to play with a new little neighbor guy, who is 4 1/2 and adorable. Later in the afternoon, I met his mom and 5 month old sister- they moved from a few hours away and so far seem happy in the neighborhood. :)
The last part of the day was spent outside- we caught a toad, D & Z played on the swingset, and J & I played ball until dinner time. Thank goodness for nice weather!!

Until next time... :)

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