Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Trying Tuesday

Nothing fun to report from today. The kids and I went grocery shopping this morning, and then J and I made cookies while D napped. I called one of J's friend's mom's to see if we could arrange a playdate, and so around 1 pm J's friend came to play. The boys were mostly outside on their bikes/skateboards/roller blades but came inside for a while and got very rowdy playing with J's laundry hamper (I think they were using it as a sword??) ...so they got sent back to the outdoors. Z, D and I also played on the swingset for a while, both in the morning and the afternoon right before their dad came home. The weather was just perfect today!

Even though we didn't do too much today, I was busy... Z and D had a blast tearing up the living room a few times. J and Z were wrestling for an hour or so in the morning until Z got socked in the eye, but they still had fun. Z and I listened to "Red, Red Robin" over and over this afternoon, so of course he was in his glory! :)

That's all for now...I'm off to pack for Ohio!

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