Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another good day under my belt. Aside from the fact that D got the 101* fever that Z had over the weekend, nothing exciting happened. D and I were going to spend the afternoon at the park, but once the fever hit, all she wanted to do was alternate between cuddling and playing...fine with me!

For about 1/2 hr before Ando came home, all the kids and I were out in the cul-de-sac with 8 other neighbor kids. The older ones were climing the tree, the younger ones just exploring the dead leaves and grass, occasionally wandering off into the road; with our neighborhood, there's not much traffic anyway. The two youngest babes, D and the little neighborhood girl who is 5 months old, just stayed in arms. D because of her fever, and the littlest one because got a million shots today and was in pain :( Not fun, but she's a cutie and was tolerating it well!

I got some news from Mom & Dad today. No, they're not moving again, at least not yet. ;) Grandpa from NJ will be living with them for a while. Since his visit to Ohio in June, he's been rapidly declining mentally and physically. He's becoming more and more confused (doesn't remember even traveling to Ohio) and has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He can no longer drive or live in his house alone, so for 3 months he's been with my aunt, uncle and their two boys in NJ. They are getting burnt out caring for him 24/7 while trying to carry on their normal schedules of work, school, practices, etc. So, on Friday after work Dad will drive up to NJ and pick him up. I haven't talked to Mom yet, just Dad via email and my brother Bryan...but nevertheless, it will be a change. Mom will have a hard time homeschooling the three youngest, I'm sure, and because he can't be left alone will have to run around with Mom during all of her kid drop offs and pick ups throughout the day. So I guess that's the big news of the day!!

In other happenings, today my Grandma recieved chemo again. I believe this is the 4th time, if I'm remembering right. Her sister is visiting until Saturday, which is when G-ma will probably be starting to feel a little better. I saw her on Friday night, my first time seeing her with no hair. It was...interesting. Still Grandma, and yet something different. In some ways, it makes me wish I could remember more about my other Grandma (Dad's mom) during her battles with cancer, but I was too young.


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