Thursday, September 14, 2006

How is it Thursday already?!?!

I need to be packing... except the thing is, I don't know where I'm going to end up this weekend. I could be at Kris' house, catching up on Grey's Anatomy and then heading to a baseball game in NYC, or I might be spending my weeekend off at a hospital in New Jersey visiting my grandfather, who was admitted late last night because of any of these things (or maybe something totally different??)

1) a stroke
2) the possibility that his prostate cancer moved to his brain
3) an infection

That is the updated info I got around 2 this afternoon and I'm still waiting to hear the results of all the tests he's undergone in the past 20 hrs.

Most of my day was consumed thinking about my grandpa, talking to various family members about him, etc. The kids know nothing about him being in the hospital, so the day wasn't any different to them (or at least I tried not to let it be different!). I did tell Ando and Dani though, in case I need to take a few "sick" days to go to New Jersey.

D's fever came back with a vengence this afternoon after a 2 day hiatus. Not sure what's up with that, but it was almost 102* today. She was given Motrin and ate a huge dinner though...

J had two friends over again this afternoon. Really, there are so many kids in this neighborhood that the kids are always playing with each other. They had fun with balloons animal/shape making today though, just balloon ball.

Z seemed awesome today. We read a few books together while J was playing and D was napping, so that was nice. Of course, we read Green Eggs and Ham which is his #1 favorite book. At dinner, Ando and I were talking about the fact that Dani lost my Nields cd, and Z picked up on it right away "I want to listen to Red Red Boppalinalin!" I had to bring out my computer and put it on for him, bringing the number of times that song has been played on my computer to a whopping 85, towering over all other songs in my Itunes directory by at LEAST
70 times... LOL!!!! He does love that song!!

Okay, I'm seriously just procrastinating now. Must pack!

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