Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Like woah!

Today was an absolutely crazy day. It started with one of the children dropping a carton of yogurt all over the kitchen floor, another one banging her head on the kitchen table, and the third child dumping out and destroying some of his parents' cd's. And this all before 8 am...haha

Once we finally got the boys off to school, D and I took a morning trip to Salem to do some shopping. We started out at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, where D was handed a free powdered donut by a cashier, so of course that got all over her! We ended up being gone past her nap time, so she napped in the car and when we got home was ready for lunch. We spent early afternoon cleaning up the house, playing outside, and having some fun in the basement. She's definitely over her fever, so that is good!!

After the boys got home from school, the afternoon, a few of the neighbor kids came over for what started out as a snack and ended up being a party. :) It was nuts, but a lot of fun for them and me. I had 6 kids here ages 1, 4, 4, 6, 6, and 7. We spent the whole afternoon blowing up balloons, twisting them into dogs, swords, crowns, and other odd creatures, having balloon fights, running around the house in circles chasing each other, and just plain kid fun. I had never made balloon animals/objects before, but some of them are quite easy. After making about 10 dogs, I got fairly good at it!!

Not much else to report. I picked up "The Office" Season 2 today @ Target- woohoo! I'll probably end up spending most of the night watching that. Til later :)

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