Wednesday, September 13, 2006


1. When is the last time you used a pair of scissors? Today

2. Who did you last send a snailmail letter to? Uhh...I have no idea. It's been way too long!

3. How many phones are in your home? Hmm...I think 6 or 7, counting our cell phones

4. Are you currently waiting on something in the mail? Yes

5. Do you like hotdogs? No, but I will eat them if there's nothing else

6. If you have a pet, do you frequently give them snack treats? Thankfully, I have no pets

7. What is the temperature where you are right now? According to Google, 63*

8. Do you fondue? I have in the past, usually around Christmas time

9. Which do you prefer to watch: Documentaries or the news? News

10. What came in the mail today? Will and Grace Season 2, Friends Season 10, and a credit card offer

11. What brand of toothpaste do you use? Aquafresh

12. Do you know where your birth certificate is right now? No, I should have it, but I believe my mom still has it.

13. Do you have any laundry to fold right now? Nope!

14. When did you last eat a muffin? Hmm...I made some a few months ago

15. Would you like to go to Belgium? Yes

16. Do you like pancakes? Yes

17. For your last birthday, what flavor was your cake? I think I ended up having strawberry shortcake. I really don't remember...

18. What time did you wake up today? 6

19. Are you afraid of lizards? No, we used to have one as a pet

20. How old is your keyboard?
6 months I guess, as old as my computer

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