Saturday, September 02, 2006

A to Z survey for a lazy Saturday afternoon

I'm in Ohio...but don't feel like writing out the past week right now...haha

A - Age: 21

B - Birthday: February 28th

C – Current location: Ohio

D - Drink or smoke: drink

E - Easiest person/s to talk to: Stephie

F - Favorite song/s at the moment: Loving Dar Williams' "Farewell to the Old Me"

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: worms

H- Home state: Pennsylvania

I- IM phrase used most often: LOL

J - Job: nanny

K- Kids: of my own, none, but 60+ hrs a week I have three

L - Longest plane trip taken: about 10 hrs.

M - My favorite Sport/s: baseball

N - Number of relationships you've had: 0

O - One job you’ve had: Office worker in a distance learning center

P - Phobias: appendicitis

Q – question most asked: When will your nanny job be done?

R - Reason to smile: hanging out w/ friends tonight & tomorrow before heading back to work

S- Siblings: 6 of them, all younger than me

T- Time you woke up: About 10

U - Unknown fact about you: Uhmmm…I didn’t make it to Disney until I was 20

V - Vegetable/fruit you hate: Pears

W - Worst habit: being lazy…haha

X - X-rays you've had: Quite a few…too many to count

Y- Yesterday- what did you do: Read a book, dropped my mom and 3 siblings off to go to church, ran errands, went out to dinner w/ one of my sisters and a friend of mine, went to a concert

Z- Zodiac sign: Picses

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