Saturday, October 21, 2006

Missing Ohio

Yea...I'm missing "home" in Ohio. I just got off the phone with my mom, so that's part of it. But, this weekend is Apple Stirrin'...which I believe I've gone to every year since 1997, with the exception of '04- but I was in Europe then so it didn't matter! I've been there with Jess, and I miss Jess. She's so far away. I miss talking to her on the phone, miss seeing her! I also miss our 2x weekly lunch dates from last fall... :(

I just miss fall in Ohio. I hated it when I lived there, but now that I'm gone, I want to go back. Apple Stirrin', FUS campus in the fall, Algonquin Mill Festival, freezing cold fall nights spent bowling with the Clln and James, flag football, ultimate frisbee, spontaneous movie nights with friends, Thanksgiving with my family, long walks down 39 and up 646 on cool but perfect fall evenings...I miss it all!

I guess it doesn't help that I've just been sitting in my room all day. I love weekends, but I hate them. I love that I can do what I want, but I hate when I have nothing planned and don't feel like I can leave my room because the P's are all over the place. I mean, my bed's comfy enough to read on, but I'd love to sit on the couch. However, if I wander out there, then I'll get into a conversation with Dani or Ando, or the kids will want me to read to them, and I just need "me" time, especially after this week. Ando was gone from Sunday-Friday (in Ohio, no less!) and so I ended up working much more than the babysitting gig on Thursday night which ran until after midnight. Not fun, when you have to get up at 6 am, let me tell you what!

Ok, I'm done complaining. Seriously though, you people in Ohio-- savor all the little festivals and fall time. Do it for me, okay? Thank ya!

It's been busy here since the baptism on Oct. 8- but now I'm a godmother!!! And my godson Aidan is absolutely adorable. Grandma, who lost her hair b/c of chemo, has a wig that she wore to the baptism. It has a bit of a reddish hue, but it works. Heh... There are plenty of pictures in my album, so check them out :)

I've been busy with the kids as well. Autumn in New England is really an experience- it's absolutely gorgeous! A few weeks ago I took Z-Man and Little Miss apple picking- so fun! It was the first time for either of them, and Z-Man had a blast picking his own apples. Little Miss did as well, and she cracked me up when she just snapped an apple from the tree and chomped down. Yummy!

A few days later, the kids had off school because it was Columbus Day, so I took all three of them hiking at a nearby park. I had Little Miss on my back, J was the trailmaster in charge of the map, and Z-Man was in his glory. At one point, J decided to give me a break and offered to carry Little was adorable to see a 7 year old with a huge backpack and a toddler strapped to his back. It lasted about 2 minutes, but I got a great picture!

I am SO tired of potty training Z-Man. I've been doing it for 4 months, and I'm just worn out. I don't know how to get him to realize that HE has to tell me when he has to go, that I can't tell. Supposedly we (me, the school, his parents) are going to go full force this coming week. I'm hoping that means just sticking him in underwear and plopping him on the toilet every 1/2 hr-1 hr. If we keep this up the way it's been going, I'm going to get burnt out. Very fast.

Little Miss has been very adorable lately. She and I had a busy week. On Tuesday, we went with Jenn to the mall up in NH for lunch. Jenn had a very old gift certificate to one of the "teen stores" that she wanted to use, but nothing in that store was going to fit either of us, so Jenn ended up getting Little Miss a stuffed toy monkey- a very adorable one! We lost it in Baby Gap and had to run all around the mall trying to find it again- we found it! We took Little Miss to lunch at Bertucci's, which is a yummy Italian/pizza place. Little Miss was welll behaved for the most part and loved the free bread!

I can't for the life of me remember what we did on Wednesday...I know we did something, lol! I'll remember later...On Thursday, Little Miss and I met Jenn and two boys she was babysitting at the park, went to BK for lunch, and then Mon and Em came over for the afternoon. At the park I met another nanny from a town close by, and she let me know that there's a nanny group meeting at the playground on Tuesday! I am psyched and totally plan on attending!

Yesterday I took Little Miss and Z-Man to a place called Imagine That- basically it's 1200 sq. ft. of playspace, broken up by area. A junglegym (big enough for me, btw), art center, store, etc. We were there about 3 hours and they both had a complete blast.

Last weekend was fun as well. It was a perfect mix of craziness and down time for me, lol! On Saturday night I babysat for a 1 1/2 y/o boy during one of Kris' friend's wedding receptions. It was way too easy- he went to sleep by 7:30 and then I just read a book and wrote until midnight! On Sunday, I FINALLY got to talk to Amata (seriously...that girl is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get ahold of!) while Kris and I were on our way to CT for a Nields house concert- which was just awesome...even though I was getting smashed on the couch by a large random man. Haha...the concert was great, though!!

I haven't been doing anything today...but I slept in til 9!! That never happens on Saturdays for me, lol. Later tonight Jenn is coming over, and once the kids are in bed we're going to have some fun. Probably just a movie since Jenn's "babysitting" them and we can't go anywhere, but hey that's okay! I'll introduce her to my dear friend Nutella, which I recently rediscovered...ohhh man guys remember that stuff? We ate it on EVERYTHING- no wonder we all gained 20 lbs living in Europe....LOL!!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday already? This week has flown by! With the kids out of school on Monday, it has seemed shorter than usual. :)

I didn’t sleep well last night for whatever reason, and apparently Z-Man had the same problem. He’s usually up by 6:30 at the latest, but this morning I had to drag him out of bed kicking and screaming at 7… poor kid. Amazingly, he bounced back by the time school let out and had endless energy this afternoon. Since his class at school has been talking about animals that make good pets, we had a discussion about that earlier. He informed me sadly that his favorite animal- an elephant- didn’t make the list because it’s too big. :( The animals that made his list today- cat, dog, lizard (he was thrilled about that), mouse, bunny, goldfish, and the donkey. It was very cute…in other news, he’s featured in this season’s Toys R Us catalog! I picked a few copies up today while at the mall, and he was ecstatic to see himself in print. :)

Little Miss and I spent some of the day at a mall near Monany. We had lunch in the food court, walked around a few stores, and met up with Mon, her cousin, and baby Em in the children’s play section. The little ones had a blast, and Mon and I had a great talk. We’ve both been feeling the same way this week…and we came up with a way to describe it. Blah…original, I know. Yet, it seems to be the only word that fits. We’re not sad; we’re not depressed, we’re both just “blah” this week. Hopefully next week will be better for both of us, but for now, we’re just the blah twins. I love spending time with Mon though! At the end of our little mall excursion, we stopped by Kay Jewelers and I showed her the ring and necklace I received from the P’s on Monday. Beautiful, I tell ya!

Tomorrow Jenn is coming to watch the kids after I’m done from work. I’m excited to see her again. She helped Z-Man this summer at a camp for a few days, and I enjoyed meeting and getting to know her, but then she started a new job and the kids started school so I haven’t seen her in months. We did talk on the phone the other day for over a ½ hr though…so yea, I’m looking forward to that. After spending all day with kids, I’m sure I’ll be ready for some adult interaction. :)

Another piece of news tonight- I might have found a family to babysit for! They found me online and we’ve been playing phone tag for close to 2 weeks now. They have three kids, two boys and a girl, close to the ages of the ones I nanny for. She’s looking for someone who could baby-sit every weekend, but I told her up front I’m not available most weekends because I’m gone. At first, she didn’t understand why, until I mentioned I’m a live in nanny…and then she got it. She’s open to me just babysitting during the week though, and I’m meeting her and the kids on Monday after work. She sounded super nice and easy to talk to, so I’m psyched.

I’m leaving tomorrow right after work for baby Aidan’s baptism and will return on Sunday late (but, as a godmother!)…so till next week :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oh what a long, long Wednesday! Little Miss and I spent most of the day out and about, hitting every possible business in town (or so it would seem!). In reality, we didn’t go to that many places: Wal-Mart, Old Navy, the library, post office, a bookstore, and Dunkin Donuts. I didn’t get anything at DD (go me!), just picked up a donut for Little Miss. She was SO cute and well behaved during our errands. :) We got home just in time to get the boys from their buses and then Z-Man and I put away some laundry and dishes before having a sword “fight”. :)

J still has a very weird cough…it’s been lingering for a few weeks and almost sounds forced, but it’s not. A cute thing he’s been saying lately, though, is that he needs “cough pills” instead of “cough drops”. I’m not sure where he got it, but it’s adorable when he says “Beth, may I please have a cough pill?” Hehe!!

My television is still on the fritz. It drives me nuts…guess I should get it fixed at some point. I really don’t watch much tv in my room, but every once in a while I’d like to just chill and enjoy a show without the cable cutting out 5x in a half hour.

In other news, I’m still on the hunt for a digital camera. I’ve “narrowed” it down to about 20 cameras, I think. Now I’m just searching for reviews and then I’ll have to choose which one to go with! I did look at a few at Wal-Mart today…none that caught my eye, though.

Tomorrow should be fun! Little Miss and I have plans to hit the mall with Monany and baby Em- there is a play place for the little ones and a food court for us adults so it will be nice. Friday is Mon’s birthday but since the baptism is this weekend, tomorrow will have to count for me spending time with her near her birthday!

Oh, one last thing- for Stephie- today marks NINE years since my family moved to Ohio. HOW IN THE WORLD IS THAT POSSIBLE?!??!?!?!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I HATE trying to find a good camera to buy!! Ughh!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday, Monday...

Another Monday...I cannot believe it’s October already! How is it possible that I’ve lived in MA for 7 months already? Ahhh!!!!

I had a great weekend, with lots of Monanyand babe time. On Saturday, we went shopping for a nice outfit for me to wear this weekend to Aidan’s baptism (and possibly to the Clln’s wedding in December). I ended up getting the very first outfit I tried on…God only knows how much I hate shopping and he had mercy on me! ;) It’s actually just a black skirt and a blue/green top…I’m not even going to try and describe it. I explained it to my sister but then Monany shoved me away from the computer and started going on about the flirty/sexy skirt and the top w/ some kind of special sleeves and I was completely lost. Shae and Monany are much more into clothes than me, so whatever Mon says, goes for me! I didn’t find any shoes that “look nice” with the skirt, according to Mon, but oh well. I’ll just have to make do for Sunday.

Between Saturday and Sunday, Mon, Em and I hit Friendly’s three times…heh. Perhaps we’re addicted? Actually, no. Our hotel happened to be adjacent to one, so that’s where we had dinner on Saturday, plus we had already been to one in the mall for ice cream, and then we went again on Sunday with Jac.

Hmm…what else? Oh yes, I talked to my little sisters a few days ago, and Rach was explaining to me that she and Lily are writing books. They are takes off “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and they’re adorable. Rach read me about ½ of hers, which is titled “If You Give a Horse a Hamburger”. Lily’s is “If You Give a Chicken a Chip” but I haven’t heard very much of it. Mom informed me that Rach has finished hers since then, so when I return to OH in December I look forward to seeing it! =)

The kids didn’t have school today, so we spent a lot of time outside in the beautiful fall air! I love this weather…you can SMELL autumn and the leaves, and it reminds me of Apple Stirrin’ in Ohio. I believe it’s this coming weekend, so I’m a bit sad that I’m missing it… oh well, what can ya do?

Little Miss is still getting over being sick, and around noon she got another rash, most likely because of her high fever on Friday. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by it, other than being extremely cranky, and she loved going down the slide all by herself multiple times this afternoon. One time she got completely turned around and ended up head first, but she’s fine. Z-Man once again resorted to ripping pages out of books again. I think he’s ready to go back to school tomorrow! I really don’t know why he keeps destroying the books, but he doesn’t seem to care when I take them away either. Argh! J and I had a good time this afternoon while the younger two were sleeping. We got in a few games of Chutes and Ladders, played with magnets (I snuck in a science lesson about the north and south poles..hehe), and built various lego guys before he ran out to play with some friends.

Not too much more is going on here lately. I talked to my grandma this morning and she’s doing pretty well- having another chemo treatment tomorrow so she’ll be knocked out for the rest of the week. I’m heading down there on Friday night and staying over at her house before heading to RI for the baptism. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince her that I should drive with her dizzy/double vision spells lately. We shall see…

I am in the market for a new camera, I’m thinking. I received a gift from Dani and Ando this evening and wanted to take pics of it to post because it’s absolutely gorgeous, but my camera has decided not to work well anymore. I knew it would happen soon, as my current beloved camera has been my close friend for about 3 years, has trekked all over Europe and the US with me, and has taken 10s of thousands of pictures wonderfully. Any tips? I hate searching for stuff like this but I need to do my research!!