Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday, Monday...

Another Monday...I cannot believe it’s October already! How is it possible that I’ve lived in MA for 7 months already? Ahhh!!!!

I had a great weekend, with lots of Monanyand babe time. On Saturday, we went shopping for a nice outfit for me to wear this weekend to Aidan’s baptism (and possibly to the Clln’s wedding in December). I ended up getting the very first outfit I tried on…God only knows how much I hate shopping and he had mercy on me! ;) It’s actually just a black skirt and a blue/green top…I’m not even going to try and describe it. I explained it to my sister but then Monany shoved me away from the computer and started going on about the flirty/sexy skirt and the top w/ some kind of special sleeves and I was completely lost. Shae and Monany are much more into clothes than me, so whatever Mon says, goes for me! I didn’t find any shoes that “look nice” with the skirt, according to Mon, but oh well. I’ll just have to make do for Sunday.

Between Saturday and Sunday, Mon, Em and I hit Friendly’s three times…heh. Perhaps we’re addicted? Actually, no. Our hotel happened to be adjacent to one, so that’s where we had dinner on Saturday, plus we had already been to one in the mall for ice cream, and then we went again on Sunday with Jac.

Hmm…what else? Oh yes, I talked to my little sisters a few days ago, and Rach was explaining to me that she and Lily are writing books. They are takes off “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and they’re adorable. Rach read me about ½ of hers, which is titled “If You Give a Horse a Hamburger”. Lily’s is “If You Give a Chicken a Chip” but I haven’t heard very much of it. Mom informed me that Rach has finished hers since then, so when I return to OH in December I look forward to seeing it! =)

The kids didn’t have school today, so we spent a lot of time outside in the beautiful fall air! I love this weather…you can SMELL autumn and the leaves, and it reminds me of Apple Stirrin’ in Ohio. I believe it’s this coming weekend, so I’m a bit sad that I’m missing it… oh well, what can ya do?

Little Miss is still getting over being sick, and around noon she got another rash, most likely because of her high fever on Friday. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by it, other than being extremely cranky, and she loved going down the slide all by herself multiple times this afternoon. One time she got completely turned around and ended up head first, but she’s fine. Z-Man once again resorted to ripping pages out of books again. I think he’s ready to go back to school tomorrow! I really don’t know why he keeps destroying the books, but he doesn’t seem to care when I take them away either. Argh! J and I had a good time this afternoon while the younger two were sleeping. We got in a few games of Chutes and Ladders, played with magnets (I snuck in a science lesson about the north and south poles..hehe), and built various lego guys before he ran out to play with some friends.

Not too much more is going on here lately. I talked to my grandma this morning and she’s doing pretty well- having another chemo treatment tomorrow so she’ll be knocked out for the rest of the week. I’m heading down there on Friday night and staying over at her house before heading to RI for the baptism. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince her that I should drive with her dizzy/double vision spells lately. We shall see…

I am in the market for a new camera, I’m thinking. I received a gift from Dani and Ando this evening and wanted to take pics of it to post because it’s absolutely gorgeous, but my camera has decided not to work well anymore. I knew it would happen soon, as my current beloved camera has been my close friend for about 3 years, has trekked all over Europe and the US with me, and has taken 10s of thousands of pictures wonderfully. Any tips? I hate searching for stuff like this but I need to do my research!!

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