Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday already? This week has flown by! With the kids out of school on Monday, it has seemed shorter than usual. :)

I didn’t sleep well last night for whatever reason, and apparently Z-Man had the same problem. He’s usually up by 6:30 at the latest, but this morning I had to drag him out of bed kicking and screaming at 7… poor kid. Amazingly, he bounced back by the time school let out and had endless energy this afternoon. Since his class at school has been talking about animals that make good pets, we had a discussion about that earlier. He informed me sadly that his favorite animal- an elephant- didn’t make the list because it’s too big. :( The animals that made his list today- cat, dog, lizard (he was thrilled about that), mouse, bunny, goldfish, and the donkey. It was very cute…in other news, he’s featured in this season’s Toys R Us catalog! I picked a few copies up today while at the mall, and he was ecstatic to see himself in print. :)

Little Miss and I spent some of the day at a mall near Monany. We had lunch in the food court, walked around a few stores, and met up with Mon, her cousin, and baby Em in the children’s play section. The little ones had a blast, and Mon and I had a great talk. We’ve both been feeling the same way this week…and we came up with a way to describe it. Blah…original, I know. Yet, it seems to be the only word that fits. We’re not sad; we’re not depressed, we’re both just “blah” this week. Hopefully next week will be better for both of us, but for now, we’re just the blah twins. I love spending time with Mon though! At the end of our little mall excursion, we stopped by Kay Jewelers and I showed her the ring and necklace I received from the P’s on Monday. Beautiful, I tell ya!

Tomorrow Jenn is coming to watch the kids after I’m done from work. I’m excited to see her again. She helped Z-Man this summer at a camp for a few days, and I enjoyed meeting and getting to know her, but then she started a new job and the kids started school so I haven’t seen her in months. We did talk on the phone the other day for over a ½ hr though…so yea, I’m looking forward to that. After spending all day with kids, I’m sure I’ll be ready for some adult interaction. :)

Another piece of news tonight- I might have found a family to babysit for! They found me online and we’ve been playing phone tag for close to 2 weeks now. They have three kids, two boys and a girl, close to the ages of the ones I nanny for. She’s looking for someone who could baby-sit every weekend, but I told her up front I’m not available most weekends because I’m gone. At first, she didn’t understand why, until I mentioned I’m a live in nanny…and then she got it. She’s open to me just babysitting during the week though, and I’m meeting her and the kids on Monday after work. She sounded super nice and easy to talk to, so I’m psyched.

I’m leaving tomorrow right after work for baby Aidan’s baptism and will return on Sunday late (but, as a godmother!)…so till next week :)

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