Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007/ lost luggage

I SO cannot believe it's already 2007. How in the heck?? I'm back @ work now after being gone 9 days, and it is SOOOO hard to get back into the groove. I had all these resolutions (in my head anyway) and so far I'm not doing too well! I'm just feeling so lazy, still trying to get over this dang cold, missing my family, and worried about my luggage that is lost somewhere in between Pittsburgh and Boston. I think it's in NYC @ JFK airport....but all I have to say is that they BETTER find it. My 6 year old sister Rachael WROTE ME A BOOK for Christmas, and it's priceless. It's in the suitcase...along with a bunch of clothes and cds that can be replaced. But the book cannot be duplicated, and it has to be found!

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