Monday, January 22, 2007

26 Q's

1. Do you give the peace sign a lot?
nah not really

2. How many Abercrombie polos do you own?

3. When was the last time you kissed someone?
umm...don't remember!

4. Can you do a cartwheel?

5. Are you depressed?

6. Have you been to the mall this week?
Yes, I was just there on Saturday night

7. Do you regret something you did yesterday?
Not at all

8. Are you allergic to anything?
Some things w/ peppermint

9. Have you ever been tubing?
LOL I just went snow tubing yesterday does that count?

10. Do you own a guitar?

12. Have you ever rode in an ambulance?
No, I was supposed to but my dad decided to drive me instead- BAD decision

14. Who do you hate?

15. Crayons or markers?

16. What age do you wish you were?
I'm liking my age now

17. Do you shower facing the shower head or with your back to it?

18. Do you have anything in your pockets right now?

19. What is the closest object to your right now?
I am sitting under my blanket

20. Do you like school?
I'm not in school anymore

21. How many windows are up on your computer?

22. Do you share your computer with anyone?

23. What kind of cell phone do you have?
Motorola V180 I think

24. What color are the walls in your room?

25. Are you wearing socks?

26. How many hours did you sleep last night?
About 7.5 I think...better than most nights!

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