Friday, March 30, 2007

It's different

Adjusting to life back in Ohio has been and still is difficult. I've been back 3.5 weeks now, although to be fair I was gone for 9 days so it's really more like 2. Living with the parents hasn't really been that hard, to my surprise and relief. My parents seem to finally realize how to treat an adult child of theirs living at home for the time being.
No, it's friends that I'm having a hard time with. They've all changed in the year that I've been gone. All of them have joined households, resulting in many new friends, all of whom I don't know. They have new boyfriends, fiances, activities, clubs, pastimes, sports. Which is fine...after all, I was gone a year. I shouldn't expect them to change. But still, it would be lovely to just hang out with my old friends and relax, instead of focusing on trying to get to know all these new people that supposedly are so great. I'm sure they are great, I have no doubt about that. I don't know WHY I have problems with this, except that I miss my friends. The way they were. They are all so busy but claim to want to see me. So, I call them, all of them. Guess how many call back? 1. Many kudos to Marg for that! I'm a hard friend to get rid of, so I'll keep trying to get ahold of them, but eventually I can take the hint and I'll back off. I hope it doesn't come to that, because I really do treasure our friendships.

Anyway, what a jumbled mess of a post this is. Ah, well.

On the job front, things are going okay. I had a phone interview that went well last night and have another one on Monday. Next week I'm going to Michigan to visit my sister for Easter, so that should be fun.

Last night, I went back to my old college to hang out with my sister (and some of her crazzzzy friends). I was hoping to see some of my friends as well, but guess what? That didn't happen. Oh well, at least my sister and I had fun! We had dinner in the pub, and then went up to her dorm room to try and figure out her messed up money situation. Then we drove to Wal-Mart and picked up a few things (only one thing for me, although I was sooo tempted to get more. I'm trying to be stingy on the money front, and it's hard!). Afterwards, we went back to the dorm and hung out with some teens I've known for 10 years...which was hilarious. I broke into some girl's dorm room to turn off her stinkin' alarm which was kinda fun. It was weird weird WEIRD being on campus again. I really don't like being up there... after this May, there really won't be anyone I know there (except my sister and her friends, most of whom I love) so maybe it'll get better? It's just weird seeing "friends" from Austria or people I took classes with, and wanting to have a conversation with them...and yet, they stare right through you as if you've never met. I hate that.

Okay, enough of the craziness that's not even writing. Happy Weekend!

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