Friday, March 30, 2007


1. Where do you live? In the US ;)

2. What's the most recognizable geographic or architectural feature visible from where you're sitting? There are none...unless you count the hills and

3. Favorite and worst features of the area in which you live. Favorite: I live in the country and love it Worst: I'm a bit far from anything...

4. Best local restaurant you've discovered recently. I just got back here 3 weeks ago so I haven't discovered any. I haven't even been out to eat since I've been back.

5. Do you follow local politics? Not at all.

6. How’s the weather? It's lovely! I actually don't mind the weather here...right now it's about 70*

7. And the traffic? Barely any!

8. Best local sports team? Haha.

9. If finances weren’t an issue, would you stay in the same town? No, and I will be moving from here shortly!

10. During a non-rush hour period, how long would it take you to drive from the northernmost edge to the southern edge of your city/town? East to west? Umm...5 minutes, maybe. Not a big town.


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