Sunday, April 15, 2007

BTW Sunday

~Your Favorites~

By the Way...
1. April, May, or June? May...the weather is finally warming up!

2. birthday, Christmas, other? Christmas- my family is usually all together, and that's the only time of the year this happens. This Christmas, my sister will be arriving back from Europe just a week before Christmas, and she'll have so many tales of her backpacking adventures! It'll be great!

3. breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Dinner- it's almost always spent with family and/or friends

4. car, truck/SUV, or van? Van- I drove a Honda Odyssey at my last job and enjoyed it so much!

5. lounging, shopping, or sightseeing? Sightseeing! I'm a traveler on the go :)

6. blonde, brunette, or redhead? I've always wanted to be a redhead...

7. mystery, romance, or history? I enjoy mysterious romances ;)

8. slow, medium, or fast? Depends on what we're talking about...

9. apples, bananas, or oranges? Apples w/ cheese rock!

10. Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Umm...Saturday I guess, I don't like Sunday's at all but Friday's are usually fun.

BTW Sunday

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