Thursday, April 26, 2007

The last few days have been busy around here. On Tuesday, I drove to my soon-to-be new home to sign apartment and job papers. The weather was beautiful- on the way back to my parents house, I had the windows down and the music just blasting. Gotta love it!

On Wednesday (yesterday), my mom left to pick my 21 y/o sister Shae from college- her semester is already over! Lily (12) and Rach (almost 7) had their friend Annie over for a few hours in the afternoon, and then we headed to town. We took my 19 y/o sis Amata and her friend Georgia out to Pizza Hut for Amatas birthday- Georgia is coming with us on our roadtrip this weekend, so it was nice to hang out with her a bit more. After we dropped the college gals back off at campus, the youngers and I went shopping at Wally World. I went in for wrapping paper (to wrap Landon's baby gifts), paint samples (so I can figure out what colors I want to paint the apartment) and french bread (for garlic bread). I left the stinkin' store with all of that, in addition to about 4 kinds of drinks and 10 varieties of snacks for the trip...and two camis (one in light blue, the other is a striped blue/green pattern). I also picked up a pair of capris and some shorts...very comfy!

This morning I dragged Lil & Rach out of bed and took them to the dentist. Lucky them- they just had to sit in the waiting room and wait for me- it ended up being a bust. I have what I thought was a filling that came out, but the dentist basically said (long story short) it needs either a root canal or removal. Either option is fine with him- he said neither is a "bad" decision. So, now I have to figure that out-- fun, fun! We stopped by Kroger because I needed to pay the deposit on electricity for my apt, but I forgot the acct. # so that didn't work out too well either. I had such a successful morning! ;) By the time our 2 worthless errands were complete, it was noon and I was hungry, so we picked up some pizza and headed to campus. Can I just say how much I LOVE my Amata's friends? She has about a million (literally!) because she's a social butterfly, but I've met most of them, and they just crack me up. We hung out with my sister's boyfriend Jolly as well as a few of the friends this afternoon, and it was wonderful. The girls were thrilled because campus was hosting its "Spring Fling" and today there happened to be free cotton candy. Add that to the sweet tea (holy crap, oh soooo sweet!) from McD's and they were running on sugar the rest of the afternoon. We cooked up a bunch of spaghetti & garlic bread for dinner (the whole fam + 3 of Amata's friends were here) before I ran Lily to her play practice. I just finished watching "The Office" and will probably end the day by reading my new Grey's Anatomy book that arrived from Paperbackswap the other day- I adore that site!

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