Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen- 4/25/07

13 Random Musings
1. I am moving on Tuesday-- and haven't even touched the boxes yet

2. I have a dentist appointment @ 10 tomorrow morning that I'm not looking forward to. I need to get a cavity re-filled because the filling came out...about 6 months ago

3. I am taking 4 girls (ages 19, 19, 12, and almost 7) on a 6 hr (one way) road trip this weekend...and I can't wait! We're going to have a blast! Three of the gals are my sisters, and the other one is my sister's college friend, who is a blast to hang out with. We're leaving early Saturday morning and will be back sometime late Sunday afternoon

4. While we're gone, we get to meet our newest cousin, Landon, who was born April 14th

5. In some ways, I cannot wait to move- I think I'll really enjoy the area I'm moving to

6. On the other hand, I'm super-scared to begin another new job, in a new city, where I know almost no one

7. I just finished watching the movie "Duets"- what a waste of time!

8. I am addicted to Facebook (ok, not addicted, but I really find it useful and fun), but hate MySpace

9. I love YouTube- LOVE it

10. I am finding it impossible to read all the blogs I enjoy lately- and I'm not currently working! Yikes...

11. I've still been pretty busy though- seems like I've been running to PA or heading West every day!

12. I co-hosted a bridal shower on Saturday, and it was a blast. I could not have asked for it to go any more smoothly

13. Today is my sister Amy's 19th Birthday- 2 of my other sisters and I took her out to Pizza Hut to celebrate- I know, so elegant, but she had night class and was on a tight schedule! We had fun anyway...

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