Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Feast #145

Name a sound you like to hear. Newborn babies crying; grass being mowed

What is your favorite kind of cheese? Colby & Monterey Jack together ;)

Do you sleep late on Saturday mornings? Why or why not? For me, it depends on the weekend. I LOVE to sleep in, but I'm usually gearing up for a busy day! For example, last Saturday found me @ Wal-Mart at 7 am grabbing a few things for the 12 hour car ride I took. Tomorrow I am in a wedding at 10 am, so we'll be up before dawn!

Main Course
When was the last time you forgot something? What was it, and how long did it take to remember it? I have absolutely no clue...I don't lose/forget things too often. I do keep searching for my cell phone, forgetting that I loaned it to my friend's fiance...LOL!

Fill in the blank:

I notice___________ when___________. I notice the beautiful scenery around me when I travel across the country.

Friday Feast

Friday, May 18, 2007

Trip to the Zoo

Today I took two of my sisters (Lily, 12, and Rach, 7) as well as two of Rach's friends (Victory, 6, and Dmitri, 4) to the zoo for the day! I have a yearly pass for myself, and had two guest passes as well, so I ended up getting all 5 of us in for $16! We packed a lunch, brought drinks, etc. so it was a cheap but awesome day, and everyone had fun. I took about 200 pictures, but here are a few highlights of our day~

Heading up the STEEP escalator






Seahorse Dragon


Pretty tropics

Polar Bear


Sea lion

The kids enjoying the view

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Friday Feast #144

List 3 emotions you experienced this week. Sadness (I'm having a hard time with my recent move), Joy (I took 4 kids to the zoo today and had a blast), and Fear (just in general about life and what the future holds!)

Name a car you’d love to have. I LOVE my grandma's Subaru Forrester!

Describe your typical morning routine. I get up around 7:30, check my email, get dressed, brush my teeth, and leave for work at 8

Main Course
Have you ever emailed someone famous? If so, who, and what did you say to them? Did they reply? I emailed Catie Curtis about a song she had on Grey's Anatomy...she emailed me a copy of the song, which was great!

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones? The only one I religiously follow is the ABC Grey's Anatomy podcast, which I find amusing and super fun to listen to. :)

Friday's Feast

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Feast # 143

Appetizer: Tell about a time when you had to be brave. When I went to pick up my sister Shae in Michigan for Easter, we got caught in a freak blizzard on the way home. People were slipping and sliding all over the road, and a few almost hit us. I was SO scared, but didn't want to let on to my sister!

Soup: Which upcoming movie are you excited about seeing? I actually can't think of any. I've been out of the movie loop recently...are there any good romantic comedies coming out soon? Oohh- actually, I want to see Evan Almighty. I LOVE Lauren Graham, and Steve Carrell is hilarious in "The Office"

Salad: Name an item you try to always have on hand. Cheese. I get sudden cravings for it!

Main Course: Imagine the most relaxing room you can think of. Now describe it! My room is an open porch at the back of country house, facing the ocean. From my white wicker rocking chair, I can see, hear, smell, and almost taste the ocean..ahhh!

DessertOn a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), how spiritual or religious are you? I'm probably pretty high up there-- 8ish maybe...I believe in God, pray all the time, go to church, etc.

Friday Feast

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Love it!!

You Are a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You are a traditional person with very simple tastes.
In your opinion, the best things in life are free, easy, and fun.
You totally go with the flow. And you enjoy every minute of it!

Your best friend: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Ham Sandwich

Friday 5

  1. Whether you’ve ever been there or not, what are your thoughts on Texas? I was there in '04 and loved it. Of course, I was there in March so it wasn't too hot. :)
  2. Who was the last person you sent a text message to? If you’ve never sent someone a text message, is there some reason? It was probably my friend Clln about my was last week sometime- I don't send many texts.
  3. Who’s usually the first person you go to when you have a tech-related problem, especially for computers? I usually go online and try to fix it myself.
  4. What was the best textbook you were ever assigned? The book for my Educational Psych class in college- we had a ton of group projects and it was an awesome class attended by the most wonderful people ;)
  5. What are your thoughts on techno music? Truthfully, no thoughts. It's okay...

Friday Fiver...a bit late!

Horses and Tequila
1. Do you gamble? Not usually, but I have been to a few casinos, and I had a blast!

2. Have you ever ridden a horse? Many, many times. It's okay, but it's not a favorite pastime of mine.

3. Do you drink alcohol? Yep. Love wine, hate beer.

4. What is your favorite Mexican food? Ick.

5. Friday fill-in:
On Saturday, I plan to ____.
On Saturday, I plan to go to a million yard sales and watch Thursday's Grey's Anatomy with Shae.

Friday Fiver

80's Child

You Are 64% A Child of the 80s

Not only did you experience the 80s... you are practically an expert.
You should be totally stoked!

Yard Sailing!!

Today I traveled around a few towns and hit a ton of yard sales with my mom and sisters Shae, Lily, and Rach. I've gotta say, I think my apartment will be all set! For about $33, I am now the owner of:

- 2 kitchen chairs (Shae got a kitchen table that I'm going to borrow)
- 3 ceramic kitchen canisters for sugar/flour/etc.
- napkin holder & salt/pepper shakers
- small table lamp
- 'Welcome' sign
- salad bowl
- woven basket for rolls
- paper towel holder
- 6 country coasters
- vegetable steamer
- Betty Crocker cookbook (old, but will still work!)
- saucepan
- bread pans
- 2 picture frames
- pot holder
- kitchen mitt
- 6 movies (Miss Congeniality, You've Got Mail, Sister Act, The Net, The Santa Clause, and Bicentennial Man)

How's that for a great shopping day??

Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Feast #142

Appetizer: Name something you would not want to own. A snake farm...I just don't think I'd enjoy that too much.

Soup: Describe your hair (texture, color, length, etc.). It's a boring brown, kinda wavy, and a bit past my shoulders.

Salad: Finish this sentence: I’ll never forget ___________. I'll never forget my Austrian experience...I lived there for 4 months, backpacked in 12 other countries, and had the time of my life!

Main Course: Which famous person would you like to be for one day? Why? Julia Roberts- she has twins and I have always wanted to be a mom of twins!

Dessert: Write one sentence about yourself that includes one thing that is true and another thing that is not. Umm.... I have 12 siblings and I am the oldest of them all. ;)

Friday Feast