Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yard Sailing!!

Today I traveled around a few towns and hit a ton of yard sales with my mom and sisters Shae, Lily, and Rach. I've gotta say, I think my apartment will be all set! For about $33, I am now the owner of:

- 2 kitchen chairs (Shae got a kitchen table that I'm going to borrow)
- 3 ceramic kitchen canisters for sugar/flour/etc.
- napkin holder & salt/pepper shakers
- small table lamp
- 'Welcome' sign
- salad bowl
- woven basket for rolls
- paper towel holder
- 6 country coasters
- vegetable steamer
- Betty Crocker cookbook (old, but will still work!)
- saucepan
- bread pans
- 2 picture frames
- pot holder
- kitchen mitt
- 6 movies (Miss Congeniality, You've Got Mail, Sister Act, The Net, The Santa Clause, and Bicentennial Man)

How's that for a great shopping day??

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