Sunday, September 09, 2007

Friday Five (a bit late!)

Inquiring Minds

This week's questions were created by Gillian, wannabe snoop and secret-monger.

1. Which do you think reveals more about a person, the contents of their refrigerator or the contents of their purse? Contents of their purse...definitely. At least, that would apply in my case :)

2. When you visit someone's home, what are you most interested in looking at? Family picture albums- I find them intriguing!

3. If you could make it so that one person on earth was physically incapable of telling lies or keeping secrets, celebrities & politicians included, who would you choose? I have absolutely no about the parents of Madeline McCann?? Someone has to know what happened to that poor girl.

4. Have you ever spilled the beans on someone else's secret? If so, what was it? Not that I can recall...

5. Have you ever kept a diary? If so, was it top secret? What did you write about? I kept a diary for years when I was younger. I still have a journal, but am so bad about keeping up on it. I mostly use it to document vacations and road trips.

Five on Friday

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