Sunday, September 09, 2007

Friday Fun 9/6

1. School,…couldn’t wait or dreaded hell? Couldn't wait! I loved school!
2. School supplies,… junkie or couldn’t care less? Junkie...seriously, I enjoyed everything about school, at least in elementary school
3. The locker,… organized or a chaotic mess? I never had a locker- stopped going to school after 6th grade and was homeschooled
4. Lunch time,… bring or buy? We always brought peanut butter and jelly...I swear, every single day!
5. Sports,… jock or not? Not, but I played softball and basketball
6. Music,… band, chorus, orchestra, or none of the above? If yes, what insturment or part? None...well, choir
7. Report cards,… grounded or rewarded?! Rewarded...most if not all As
8. Reunions,… a good idea, or thanks, but no? Not for elementary school- that would be WEIRD!
9. School friends,…. still have them or grown apart? From grade school, grown apart. From high school, 1/2 and half. From college, mostly still have
10. Favorite class? Math/ Reading

Friday Fun

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