Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cash please

By the way...

What do you have the most of right now? ones, fives, or tens? Ones...actually all I have in my wallet right now is one $1!

Do you give yourself a weekly cash allowance? No, not really

When you're out shopping, which do you use, credit, or debit? I use debit about 90% of the time-- the other 10% is cash. I have paid off my credit card and don't plan on going back to using it!

Do you use coins in your transactions or stick strictly to bills? I use coins if I have them

Do you keep track of what cash you spend? I'm trying! Right now I'm using Expensr which makes it easier-- but it's still tough to keep track!

Have you ever lost a lot of cash? When I was about 15, I had $40 stolen from me and that was a lot then-- still is, actually!

What is the largest amount of cash you have seen? Hmm...I'm not sure- a few thousand, I guess

BTW Sunday

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