Thursday, November 29, 2007


The kids at school were absolutely hilarious today. They just kept rolling out the punches:

Alessandra (age 5): My grandma died a few days ago
Me: I'm so sorry, Alessandra.
Maile (age 3): I have TWO grandmas!
Alessandra: Can I please have some milk?


Trinity (age 3): Jofus (aka Joseph) threw mulch in the air.


Taylor (age 4) has this coat from Baby Gap. Take a look at the close up pictures, and you'll see what he means when he says:

It's like my coat has a seatbelt!!


Lilahbelle (age 3) was in the bathroom. She came out and started to walk away until I reminded her to wash her hands. She replied:

But I was just coughing in the toilet!


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