Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Kidisms for November

I work in a school, mainly with 3-6 year olds. They are freakin' hilarious sometimes, and so many of their sayings are priceless. During a normal workday, I can be seen jotting some of these "Kidisms" down on a piece of scratch paper so that I won't forget them! A few of my current favorites, from the last few months of school:
McKaila: Miss S*********, what is your middle name?
Me: Ann
McKaila: Aww, Miss S******** Ann...that's so pretty!!
McKaila: I am going to marry Zaney, you know!
(Zaney has a huge grin on his face)
Taylor: Well, you do know that you're MY girlfriend, right??
Alessandra: Miss Teacher, your hair is so booo-tiful!
Jack: Yes, it is bootiful, teacher!!
Maxwell: My favorite game is "Catch the Teacher!!!"
Matthew: Can you please open my kiweed?? (kiwi)
Me: Alessandra, don't pull up the grass, please
Alessandra: I'm just giving it a haircut!!
Taylor: I feel sick!
Me: Oh no, that's not good! What's the matter?
Taylor: Well, I went to Bob Evans, and I ate too much, and got too drunk, and now I feel sick.
Rachael: Those don't look like goose!
Lily and Me: Geese...
Rach: Goose!!!L
Lily & ME: GEESE!!!
Rach: (after a pause, sounding defeated) Geese...
Me: Lilahbelle, how did your sock get under the table over there?
Lilahbelle (age 3): I don't know; it doesn't have legs!!
After a discussion about airplanes:
Alessandra(age 4): you have to keep an airplane door closed, otherwise you'll just float away
Me: Where do you think you'll float to?
Alessandra: the balloon farm..??
Me: What is the balloon farm?!
Alessandra: Where all of the lost balloons go!
Zaney (age 4): Skinny!!
Grace (age 5): My mom read me a newspaper article about a lady who is 100 years old!
Maria (age 5): Was it in Heaven? or down here?
Alessandra (age 4): I'm going to an Ohio Steak Game this weekend!!
Me: Daley, please don't climb on that; it's not safe for you
Daley (age 4): OK. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

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