Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Randomness- Wk. of 11/4

1. what's your view on peanut butter?do you like it or is it just plain gross?
It's okay...I don't eat it all that much, though.
2. aerobic exercising: good for you, or a tool of the devil?
Well, not of the devil, but I don't do it! ;)
3. hanging out at the bookstore, is it nerdy or a fun time?
So much fun! I can easily spend hours in a bookstore and not go bored.
4. should your socks always match? should you wear socks at all?
I love socks; they keep me warm! I like them to match, yes.
5. is MySpace a great invention or just plain overrated?
Way overrated-- I prefer Facebook

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