Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Places I've Visited

1. Gaming, Austria-- okay, well I lived here for four months, and it was absolutely gorgeous! I miss Europe so much!

2. Los Angeles, California- in November '06. I went to visit my cousin and his mom, and hopefully I will be back there next month!

3. Scranton, PA- for the Office Convention a few weekends ago, what else!?! Well, okay technically I used to go there every year from the time I was 7 or so until 12. My parents attended a Catholic Charasmatic Conference at the University of Scranton and we kids went along.

4. Boston, Ma- Lived 40 minutes from Boston for a year, and took the kids I nannied for into the city quite a few times for concerts, museums, etc. I love Boston!

5. Killarney, Ireland in October '04. I was there for a week and it's an adorable, small town! Ireland definitely has my heart :)

6. San Francisco, California in March '01...I think? It was forever ago!! I went to visit a friend I'd met on the Internet a year before. My sister and I stayed with said friend and also visited with my uncle.

7. York, Maine this past August. My friend Jenn and I visited the Nubble Lighthouse and walked through the little town. The East Coast is my favorite area of the US.

8. Newport, Rhode many times! My aunt lives about 20 minutes from Newport and it's probably my favorite seaside town. I walk it in the sun, the rain, and heard Anna Nalick preparing for a show in Newport.

9. Lourdes/ Paris, France- Lourdes is the hometown of one of my Confirmation saints, and Paris is, well, Paris! The Eiffel Tower was nice and high ;) and my friends and I had a blast getting lost on our first night in the city.

10. New York City, NY-- a few times, but three visits within the past 5 or so years stand out. Once was in '03 when I went to the city with my siblings, parents, grandpa, aunt, uncle, and two cousins. I don't really remember what we visited other than the Empire State Building. I went again in September '06 for a Yankees/ Red Sox Game, and then in January '07 with my friend Jenn. We went to the M & M store, ice skating in Rockefeller was a fun weekend!

11. Washington, DC- lived about 20 minutes from DC for a summer when I was 20, and only got into the city once during that time. However, my aunt lives near DC as well so I've been there a few times. Plus, I went on the March for Life in college, and that is in DC.

12. Juarez, Mexico for a mission trip in '04. The people were incredibly poor and it really opened my eyes to how blessed we are in the US. It was amazing, but you could look at the TX/Mexico line and see exactly where the US line ended.

13. Orlando, FL for spring break in 2005. My friend Danielle and I went down for the week, hit Disney and Sea World, walked around downtown, and enjoyed the warm sunshine!

Thursday Thirteen


  1. Dang girl! You get around, lol!! If you ever go back to SF, let me know!!

  2. I can match you on 6 of those. And I'd love to see the other 6. Well, maybe not Scranton....

  3. Who would not miss Europe? I went to Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and want to go visit Austria too!

  4. Hey..u've visited some cool places..

  5. whoa! I'm impressed! Can I come along next time!?

    Happy TT!

  6. I am SO jealous. Paris and Ireland are on my list. Ireland, especially though. Fun blog.

  7. You've been around. I lived near Scranton for 8 months in Stroudsburg. But I have never been outside the U.S.

    My T13 number #55 is up. This week’s 100% stolen idea is about 13 Favorite T.V. Theme Songs I’m betting there are a couple you never heard of. And you can listen to them all! Stop on by when you get a chance.

  8. That's a good list. Once upon a time I traveled so much, always to the southwest and New Mexico. Now I live in New Mexico and rarely go anywhere. (It's a New Mexico thing)

    The Pink Flamingo

  9. Cool blog Bethany. You share a name with my daughter and she's about your age. :) Stop by and see my Thankful Thursday Thirteen.

    How did you get around to so many places? :)


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