Friday, December 07, 2007

7 Things About Me

I was tagged by my friend Kelly to do this meme... But I don't know 7 bloggers well enough to continue the trend...but if you want to do it, go for it and comment! I'll add your link :)

Let's see...

1. I technically own three Christmas trees. Last year, I bought a fake 5 ft. tree to put in the room of the house where I lived/nannied. It was beautiful, but got left behind in my bosses' attic when I moved because I couldn't fit ANYTHING else into the car. Then last weekend, my sisters and I bought a 3 ft. tree to put in my apartment because I needed something Christmassy. Two days ago in the mail arrived a cute little tree/bush that my friend Jenn sent, since she didn't think I had a Christmas tree. Oh well, can't have too much Christmas, right?

2. My boss put up a real Christmas tree at school today, and I almost hugged her for it. I love the smell of the real trees, and we have a real one at home. I just couldn't justify paying $30 for a real tree when my roommate and I will both be gone for over a week at Christmas.

3. I have found a new favorite Christmas cd- Relient K. My sister went to their concert a few weeks ago and brought her cd with her over Thanksgiving break. I made a copy and am hooked. Especially on songs #3 and 8. Check it out...

4. I've been working on Christmas cards all night...I have about 25 that are addressed and ready to go, they just need stamps. All of them have more than just my signature, which the recipients should be happy about. Haha.

5. I am so not done getting ready for Christmas. I still have my brother Sam to shop for...he's 17 and I have no clue what to get him. I also need something for my dad (thinking coffee from Whole Foods since I was given a gift certificate from there and have no clue what to use it for) and I need some stuff for my sister Rachael as well. In addition, I think I'm going to work on a cross-stitch project for my boss and closest co-worker. They are simple, just dish towels with a space where I'll put their name and some kind of Christmassy decoration (most likely a tree or candy cane). I did this years ago (my gosh...probably 9 or so years ago!) for a bunch of friends and they seemed to like them. Besides, I have no clue what else to do!

6. I think I'm going to re-take up candle making. I used to make candles all the time when I was about 17/18 and really enjoyed it. My parents still have all of my supplies, so when I'm home for Christmas and have some free time I'm going to try and get into a candle making groove. I'm actually pretty excited about it!!

7. I keep thinking about how much has changed in 2007. I am on my third job (fourth if you count babysitting I did when I didn't have a steady job), have moved three times, lived in two different states, changed careers, lived alone for three months, began's crazy. I have to say, I hope that 2008 is a happier year for me overall. Cheers!!

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