Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas break

I have to admit, my Christmas break hasn't been all I had hoped/imagined.

As I drove home Friday (12/21) I got a call from my 19 y/o sister, informing me that our 21 y/o sister has begun dating...the 19 y/o boyfriend's brother. Lovely- what a tangled web we weave... not that I don't like the kid, it's just WEIRD.

Saturday was spent making preparations for my family's 7th Annual Christmas party. We had more than 90 people arrive, although some came and went. The last of the guests didn't leave until after 2 am!

On Sunday, I didn't do much at all-- read a few books, played games with my younger siblings.

Monday was Christmas Eve and all was well until dinnertime. Around then, my family started talking about all of my friends who have gotten married/engaged this year, and I started feeling very lonely. After church that evening, my family was invited to attend a Christmas Eve party, and I was planning to stop by for a while. However, during church I began realizing that everyone at the party even remotely around my age would be with their SOs. Every last one of them...I started feeling really down and ended up spending Christmas Eve alone. It was alright though. I was able to pull myself out of misery and have a relaxing night away from my many family members.

On Christmas morning we didn't begin opening presents until close to 11. The family had all been gone until 4 am! My favorite gift was a clock that my sister brought back for me from Italy...sooo cute!
Yesterday was the 26th and my parents' 25th Anniversary. To celebrate we all went to Cracker Barrell for, I love that place! Afterwards we over to a Half Price Bookstore and I used all of my gift almost $10 more. It was a wonderful evening!

Today we were lazy again. I read a few books and watch Alvin and the Chipmunks with my two youngest sisters. My mom and 1 brother are at church right now, Dad is asleep, another brother is at a party, and the two couples (gag me!) are taking a walk together.

I think I'm ready for 2007 to be over...

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