Thursday, December 06, 2007

Crazy week

I work in a school, and my GOSH the Christmas Fever has hit!! The kids, in all four morning classes have been bouncing off the walls. I've been asking the other teachers..."So, how was class today?" and most of the time they are replying that "It's crazy", "The kids were awful", or just "Ack!" Haha.

I've been working a bit extra this week which will come in handy for Christmastime. I worked early on Tuesday and this morning as well. I'm glad I didn't have to work early yesterday, because we got a good 5-6 inches of snow and I ended up leaving for work an hour and 20 minutes early. Thank goodness, because my lovely new city hadn't done a thing to the roads. The drive which usually takes 15 minutes took over 45. My car seemed to do pretty well on the snow, but I absolutely hate driving in snow...hate, hate, hate it. Why do I live somewhere where it snows???

Tidbits from this week...

Nappers have been wacky. Lots of littles being sent to the office because of laughter. Haha. Rage and I are so tired of giving the same messages over and over...

I learned that our school doesn't bring the kids outside when it's 32* or colder...good to know!

Galen had an awful bloody nose today. I asked him if he banged it on something, but he said no. There was blood absolutely everywhere.

I went out to breakfast with my friend Stacy last Friday. It was so good to get together and catch up. We are both at the same place guy wise (meaning we want to get married like now but have no prospective husbands in mind and have absolutely no clue how to meet anyone). :( Still fun getting together with her!

This week I found out that one of the girls I hung out with in Europe is pregnant. She's getting married in February...another unmarried friend is also pregnant, but hasn't told her family yet. Why she told me before her family, I will never know.

Lilahbelle at school today told me she and her brother were going home to "dash in the snow" cute is that?


  1. Snow? Wow!


    The kids here are restless too.
    That's because we just celebrated Sinterklaas.

  2. Kids are so cute...I love this post! I tagged you at my blog...come see!

  3. Kids are so cute...I love this post! I tagged you at my blog...come see!

  4. I just finished my student teaching today(!) and the kids were just crazy insane hyper today. All of the kids, all day long. So I know what that's like! And yes...driving in the snow is no fun. I was late to school several times.


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