Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crazy week

What a week it has been so far! With it being our last week of work before Christmas break, the kids are just nutty. They have so much Christmas spirit, they're passing the extra on to us teachers. Truthfully, I'm soaking it up. There's nothing like being around children this time of year!

Taylor earlier this week stuck his head in his cubby while putting away his blanket and pillow after nap time..and kept it there. I discovered him like that and asked what he was doing. His reply? I was just trying to make sure it would stay in. He then proceeded to take his head out and hit it on the top of the cubby in the process.

Poor Lilahbelle was getting sick today. She was just so sad, and kept crying. I really just wanted to hold her all day, especially after she fell asleep at her lunch table and again when reading a book after lunch. She ended up on her cot a little early and slept for the whole nap time.

Araminta had a shirt on earlier this week that said "Chocoholic". She kept asking me if it said "Chocolate Holly"

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