Friday, December 07, 2007

A few random thoughts

So, it's Friday night...and here I sit, alone. I'm just watching Gilmore Girls on DVD and writing Christmas cards. I must, must get most of the cards sent out tomorrow morning, since a few are going overseas. Procrastination= me...haha!

Anyway, I was at Mass earlier today (Holy Day) and was sitting alone, watching the couples, old and young, sitting together. I so badly wanted that to be me... I'm just tired of being alone I guess. I just want to get married, dangit! Why is it so easy for some people to find the "right one" and so hard for others? I feel like I'm at a standstill with meeting people, especially guys. After all, I'm not in college anymore, and my job is at a school where 99% of the parents are married, and the teachers are all female and almost all of them are 10+ years older than me, married as well. So where the heck am I supposed to meet someone? It just made me sad, sitting alone in church today. It seems alone is the word for me lately, but I'm not that thrilled about it.

In other news, I need to get a 2nd job after Christmas. While I love my job, I cannot afford to pay my bills and still buy food and gas. Sad, but true. I'm not sure where I'll look to work. I'm thinking about a library, or maybe just some extra babysitting? I think just 5-10 extra hours a week could really help me out. I might start by selling all (well, most) of my books online... we'll see!!

Ok, off to bed in a few!

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