Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Midway through...

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! Where is this week going? After a wonderful, relaxing, productive weekend, I wasn't quite ready for the work week to begin again...oh well!

Last night I attended a Christmas party at my co-worker Amy's church. I didn't know anyone, but it was for a young adult group and I ended up meeting a few cool people and having fun anyway. The group is going bowling in January, so I am looking forward to joining them for that as well. I love to bowl!

This week, the kids at school have actually been VERY well behaved! What is up with that, since Christmas is looming ever closer??? LOL... I can't figure them out! The real, alive Christmas tree at our school toppled over last night, apparently once everyone had gone home. My boss took a poll in the morning on whether to keep it down or attempt to put it back up, and thankfully the votes swayed (haha) to keep it up! We did end up taking the heavy ornaments off and they were sent home with the kids this afternoon. I also helped my co-worker Elori jump start her van-- the battery has been dying for a few days and finally gave out. Her 5 year old son, Eamon, watched the whole jumper cable experience and was, of course, enthralled...what a male thing ;)

Just one kid funny from this week so far. There have been a few, but I can't remember them...haha!
Daley: When I was little I grew in my mommy's tummy~
Me: Yes, I did too...
Daley: Did you grow in Mrs. H's tummy? (Mrs. H is my co-worker, who is all of 8 years older than me. She will be THRILLED to hear this one!!)

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