Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Randoms

1. I stapled my finger once upon a time...yep! I was in 1st grade and remember the day vividly. OUCH. I missed the bus home because of it!

2. I broke my wrist when I was 12. I was running on the dewy wet grass, wearing flip flops. I slipped, and two girls in my VBS fell on top of me. The bones were in the shape of a C, and I had to go under anesthesia while they repaired it. I was in a cast for over 2 months and then a brace for another.

3. I moved 5 times before I was a teenager. I was born in Maine, moved to Pennsylvania when I was 5, and then to Ohio when I was 12. We lived in 2 houses in PA and 2 in OH.

4. I can write like this (see # 9)...picture below- can you do it?

5. I just got off the phone with two of my favorite friends. I hadn't talked to Jenn or Jess in forever, but got to talk to both of them on the same night and catch up!

5. We got our first snow last night. I hate, hate, hate driving in the snow, but school wasn't canceled, so to school I went. The drive that usually takes 15 minutes took over 45 but I was happy with how my new car handled the snow. Phew.

6. I am trying to work on Christmas cards this evening, but because of #5 haven't gotten anywhere. Oh well, maybe tomorrow?

7. I just looked at my latest cell phone bill. My GOLLY! I added my brother to my plan last month, and since then it seems like my bills have gotten so complicated and super expensive. Why?!?!

8. I've really been enjoying working extra hours subbing lately. I have two this week- yesterday and tomorrow and the extra $$ will come in handy for Christmas.

9. Speaking of Christmas, HOW can it only be 20 days away?!?!

10. My roommate and I just got a little Christmas tree for our apartment. My sisters decorated it on their visit this weekend and it's so cute!

11. I have the traveling bug again. Of course, it never really ends with me! I flew back in August, so not that long ago...and went to Nashville a few weeks back-- but I have no trips planned and that makes me sad!

12. I think I have a new favorite baby name. I am an absolute baby name freak and own a ton of baby name books...but anyway-- Audrey Malin is my new favorite for a girl. We'll see how long it lasts!

13. Sometimes, I still miss being a nanny. I loved my job in MA, and the kids...oh, how I miss them! Especially with Christmas coming up, I remember how much fun we had baking cookies and playing outside in the snow. I do miss living with children as well, but having my family close by now keeps me on my toes!

Thursday Thirteen


  1. By all means, travel when possible!

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. I'm still trying to get past #1! Ouch!

  3. secret agent mama12/06/2007 11:00 AM

    Random TTs are fun!!

    My TT!

  4. Happy TT I know the pain of stapeling your finger hurts like heck I am glad you got to catch up with your friends and your tree is so cute Happy TT-

  5. Great list, I enjoyed reading it. My TT is up too, hope you stop by. Happy TT!

  6. My mom can write like you. I've seen her do it and it's freaky!

    Merry Christmas!

    My Thursday Thirteen is up too! :)


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