Saturday, January 26, 2008

7 Random Things Meme

Thanks Sharon for tagging me for this meme! I love being tagged :)

Here’s how it works:
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Okay, let's see. It's always hard for me to come up with things! Here goes!
1. I usually say that I'm the oldest of seven. In reality, it's more like 11, although 4 are in Heaven. My mom had live babies in '85 (me), '86, '88, '90, '92, '95, and '00. She had miscarriages in '89, '99, and '03 (twins). My siblings in Heaven are Michelle, Michael, Laura, and Nathan.

2. I've never once been on a date. I will be 23 next that makes me sad, since all I've ever wanted to do is get married and raise a family.

3. When I was a teenager, I frequently spent my weekends tie-dying and making candles. I haven't done either in years!

4. I am an avid reader and will frequently order 20-30 books from the library at a time. I always have a pile of books "to read"-- tomorrow I plan to spend reading! I also own probably 500 or so books, and I've read them all.

5. I got addicted to the show "Friends" in the summer of '04. I was having an awful summer living with my parents and when I went to live in Europe, took the DVDs with me. I now own all 10 Seasons and watch them frequently. Sometimes, it's the only thing that can get me to laugh!

6. 2002 was the last year where I lived in one place all year. Since then I have been in college, Massachusetts, Virginia, Austria, and the city where I now live. It looks like I'll be moving this year, too, but at least I'm staying in the same city!

7. I am a complete baby name game addict. I have 27 (I think!) baby name books and currently use Nymbler a few times a day. Below is one of the easiest baby name game formats that I use on a name game board I'm a member of...basically all you do is choose a first and middle name from the names provided for each person. DH stands for Dear Husband, DW is Dear Wife, DD is Dear Daughter, and DS is Dear Son. Yes, I am a dork, but I have fun, and yes, there are people besides me who like to do this!

DH: Caleb, Levi, Julian, Isaac, Judah, Solomon, Elias
DW: Hannah, Susanna, Madelyn, Annie, Delilah, Sadie, Isabella
DD: Madeline, Debora, Davina, Madeleine, Zilla, Eve, Josephine, Anna
DS: Japheth, Ezra, Reuben, Ezekiel, Michael, Ivan, Ethan
DD: Isabelle, Rebecca, Hanna, Maeve, Keren, Jemima
DS: Eli, Jose, Owen, Gideon, Joel, Abraham, Asher
DD: Eva, Elisabeth, Ada, Nora, Angelina, Ruth, Sarah, Mara, Rachel
DS: Raphael, Zachariah, Jonas, Evan, Malachy, Nathan, Joseph
DS: Jesse, Tobias, Nathaniel, Jacob, Saul, Zechariah, Simon

So, for example, my family that I make up could be: Caleb Elias & Annie Isabella w/ Anna Josephine, Ezekiel Reuben, Hanna Maeve, Joel Asher, Rachel Angelina, Evan Joseph, and Nathaniel Jacob


Ok...I am tagging Kelly and a few new friends who commented on my Friday Feast post! Amy, another Amy, Jennifer, Jodi, Laane, and Linda. Have fun, ladies, and leave me a comment when you've completed your 7!


  1. Hey Bethany! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love having new blogs to read :o) I read that you're twenty something and single--Too bad you don't live in SC--I have a single 29-yr old brother I could hook you up with :oD I need cousins for my little Landon--Interested? Ha ha ha! BTW-I love reading, too--I hate starting a new book b/c I know I'm going to be up 1/2 the night trying to finish it, unable to put it down (even if I've read it before) :o)

    I'll hopefully hear from you again soon!

  2. Hey thanks for tagging me! I put up my 7 random things & passed it on... I love Love LOVE reading too! :D


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