Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Busy few days!

I cannot believe it's already Tuesday evening...technically, Wednesday morning already. Anyone else feel like the week is flying by?

Yesterday I worked (first day back since Christmas!) and then headed to a party for the big football game. I don't really care one bit about football, but it was fun to get together and out of the apartment for a while. A couple that I had met a few times before was hosting the party, and it was just a casual thing- about 12 people or so. My friend's co-worker's were all there, and they're hilarious. I had met a few of them before, but it's always good to meet new people, at least for me! I didn't get back to the apartment until close to 1 am...which is SO rare for me!

Today I worked again and when I got back to the apartment, my sister Amata had arrived! She's 19 and fresh back from a semester in Europe... I saw her over Christmas but she came to stay a few days with me. We went out for dinner at a nice Italian place (compliments of my boss, woohoo!) and then browsed Barnes and Noble for awhile. Can you tell I love bookstores? We were also looking for new jeans for me, since my one awesome pair ripped the other day. However, none of the stores had any under $50 so it just wasn't happening! We're relaxing now and watching Hitch-- almost time for bed!!

Kidisms of the Week

Jack: (after a 1.5 hour nap)- That was NOT a good nap. No. It was an awful nap. Aww, MAN!
Araminta: For Christmas, I got a Hannah Montana Doll. And a microphone. And Dylan and I got a tent, and last year, Dylan got a drum, and... (on and on)
Sydney: I am getting a new brother or sister when it's my grandma's birthday!
Me: Oh, wow! Congratulations! When is your grandma's birthday?
Sydney: I don't know, exactly. But my birthday is in April, and my cousin's birthday is in April. On the same day, too...but I don't know when my grandma's birthday is. no, I don't know.
And my dear sister, Amata (the one who is visiting): Let's see, does this Bible have Ephesians? (flipping through the pages)... Galatians, Guinness...wait, Guinness isn't a book of the Bible! (can you tell she's been drinking a bit too much, perhaps?!?!)

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