Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Feast #174

When was the last time you received a surprise in the mail, and what was it? I received my paycheck in the mail- that was nice! I was thinking I'd have to wait until school resumes on Monday to pick it up.

If you could have a summer and/or winter home, where would you want it to be? I would have a summer house in Maui, and a winter cottage in Ireland.

Pick one: pineapple, orange, banana, apple, cherry. Pineapple!! I had some fresh pineapple on NYE and boy, was it delicious!

Main Course
Describe the nicest piece of clothing that you own. It's probably my coat from Old Navy- long and tan, I got it on sale last year.

If you could forget one whole day from your life, which day would you choose to wipe from your memory? Probably the day I moved to this city...that was miserable. Although, most of the days following the move weren't too lovely either...


  1. Nice feast! Love your appetizer!
    My Feast is up as well! Happy Weekend ahead!

  2. Love your soup! Nice feast

  3. Here as in a city or here as in the U.S.? Didn't quite get that. Have a great FF and weekend. :)

  4. Happy Feasting! I like your soup, I love Ireland...

  5. Great feast! Hope you have a great weekend! May your new year be blessed!

    Jennifer :-)


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