Thursday, January 17, 2008

Know & Tell Friday 1/17

Question 1: Which is worse? Being gossipped about or being lied to? In my opinion, being gossiped about. Brings me back to my teen years...not fun!

Question 2:
I see that a lot of ladies out there in blogville are "Starbucks" gals... What is your favorite "Starbucks" drink? I'm actually not a huge Starbucks fan, but that's probably because I don't drink coffee, lol! However, I got $80 of Starbucks gift cards for Christmas (from students' parents) so I got an iced chai latte and it was delicious. I guess that's my favorite drink from Starbucks! :)

Question 3:
Name an embarrassing moment (Make it good). How sad is it that I don't even have a good embarrassing moment... How about tripping, falling, and breaking my wrist on the first day of VBS in the summer of '97. Maybe in a few more years I'll have something more memorable.

Question 4:
I figure that most of us ladies out there are bargain shoppers and that we find ways to save money, but what is one thing that you don't mind spending your bucks on? Baby name books, because I know I'll use them for years to come! :D

Question 5:
Is it hard for you to ask some to forgive you when you have wronged them? I have always had a very hard time admitting when I was wrong and someone else was right...It's SO hard for me! Seriously, when I was a child it would take me hours to apologize and admit wrongdoing.

Question 6:
Give one of your best parenting tips...something that you have learned through experience... I am not a parent yet, but as a former nanny I have a few experiences. When I am a parent in the future, I hope to cherish the younger years of my children. I know how fast they pass by-- the children I nannied for in 2005 are now between the ages of three and 13 and have matured so much in the past 2.5 years.

Know & Tell


  1. Thanks for participating today... Don't worry you have plenty of time for some more embarrassing moments :) , and there is just something about the human nature that makes it hard to ask forgiveness.. Thank goodness we have Jesus :)

  2. I'm also like you...I hate asking for forgiviness....very humbling. I think it comes from being an only child. :)

  3. Chai Lattes are one of my favorites!

  4. Great Know & Tell this week! $80 of Starbucks - - - you're SOOOOO lucky! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Jennifer :-)


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