Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, Monday!

2008 is definitely not slowing down yet! I guess I should stop thinking that it will...

My sister Amata (#3 of 7 kids) was here from Tuesday-Thursday of last week. Wednesday night we got ice cream at my favorite place downtown (they have odd flavors like guacamole, chai tea, rose petal, to discover new flavors!) and grabbed a pizza from across the street. The rest of the evening we were scrapbooking and photo booking it. I'm trying to catch up on my 2006 photos still...yikes!

On Friday evening, Shayna and I had our friend Lita over. Sadly, Shayna and I were both extremely exhausted and headed to bed before much for a fun girls' night. It was good to have Lita over though, since she hadn't been here since before Christmas. Lita and I are going on the same mission trip in March. By the end of the year, Shayna, Lita and I may all be living together-- we'll see!

The weekend wasn't extremely interesting. Shayna's friend Nick was here for a night, so we all played Clue. Otherwise, I was working on my photo books and baby name CAFs. Yes, I am a dork, but I love it! :)

Today it was back to work. I'll only work three more days this week, as I'm taking Friday off to go visit my ill grandfather up East. My dad and I will travel all day Friday and Sunday, with just Saturday to spend time with him. I haven't seen my g-pa in close to a year, so while I'm looking forward to it, it also scares me because he has Alzheimer's. Last time I was there (March '07), he didn't even recognize me. It's so hard to deal with Alzheimer's.

After work today, I hung out with my relatively new friend Tia. Tia and I met last April when my friend Clln and I came here to look for apartments. Tia grew up about 10 minutes from me, but we weren't in the same high school. However, we worked at the same college for a few years and as soon as we were introduced I remembered seeing her around campus. We clicked immediately and I've enjoyed hanging out with her ever since. Apparently we get along wonderfully because we just spent three hours sitting in a Wendy's talking!! Isn't it amazing how there are a few special people in life that you instantly "clicked" with? I love that!!

Kidisms of the Week

First of all, one of the little girls (age 4) signs her name like this, and it was just too cute to pass up today!

Me: Are you feeling better, Alessandra? (she was sick most of last week)
Alessandra: Yes, I had the striped sick-a-ness. It made me cough a lot.
(She was talking about strep throat)
Grace: I got a karaoke machine for Christmas. We're going to try and see if I will be on "American Idol".
Lilahbelle: My mom is OLD! She is 15 1/2 and she can drive. She's older than my dad, too!
Me: Wow, how old is your dad?
Lilahbelle: 70!
(BTW, I know her parents. Both of normal age!) ;)
My co-worker: So, where would you find a farm?
Galen: In the middle of nowhere!
Maile: This is my dog's tooth, it fell out of his mouth
Grace: Did the tooth fairy come and give him a bone or money?
Trinity: It's my birthday! When are my shoes going to get bigger??

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