Saturday, January 05, 2008

That's My Answer 1/05- Watching What??

What are you watching since the writers strike has brought new tv show episodes to a halt?

I've been watching a lot of re-runs. I rented Grey's from Netflix and have also been delving into a few new shows--lately, 30 Rock, Samantha Who, The Office, and Gilmore Girls have been consuming my TV time.

That's My Answer

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  1. We have much in common. ;)
    I watch Grey's, also, miss Gilmore Girls, and my favorite is The Office!
    I've never once seen 30 Rock, but for some reason, something about it seems annoying to me. Oh well. lol

    Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year! (and also, I meant to e-mail you back, but I've gotten sidetracked so many times! sorry!)


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