Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Give Me Five Monday 2/11

Give me five hints, tips, tricks, advice or any other stories related to resumes or succeeding in the great job hunt!

Okay...no websites here, but I can tell you what I do!

Pray-- before an interview, after, and even before accepting a job! I was offered a job last August at a Montessori school...I prayed about it and just felt odd about the school, the owner, etc. I decided not to accept, and later was so relieved about my decision.

2. Network- tell people you email/interview with that you're looking because sometimes they will pass your information on to other companies/families.

Have fun- look around on the internet, inquire about jobs that you might not usually think of. The opportunities are endless and you may find that you land at a job you love!

Be consistent when replying to emails, checking up on jobs, etc. Do it every morning, or every evening, but don't go a week and then email everyone.

Interview in person if possible, as opposed to on the phone. Employers also find it easier to hire if you stop by the job site. My boss personally told me that she's more likely to hand an application to someone if they come in to inquire about a job in person, rather than if they email.


Give Me Five Monday

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  1. You have some really really great answers! And I love it that they are different than some of the others I've heard. I'm compiling a list of 'the best' and I have a feeling a couple of yours will make it in! :) Thanks for participating but it would be nice if you could at least link to the original post on 'BeccA's Buzz' that way your readers can find more participants and get more tips and tricks. I can email you the GM5 badge photo to use if you don't have it. Great list this week!!!


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