Thursday, February 14, 2008

Know & Tell Friday 2/15

Question 1
Did you eat candy this Valentine's Day? I don't remember doing so...haha! Actually, the kids at school were riled up enough for all of us teachers. I received some candy from the kiddos, but haven't eaten it yet!

Question 2
What is something you do to relax? If I am by the ocean, I can just lie there and stare out at the water for hours. However, I don't live by the ocean anymore, and usually relax by reading a book in one sitting... :)

Question 3
(From Poole's book) What is the best approach for resolving conflict? I hate, hate, hate confrontation! There was an awful experience last summer where I had to confront my previous boss, and he totally stepped over the employer/employee line. However, the best approach (for me, anyway) is just to be frank and let it out. I always feel sooo much better after talking to the person/people face to face and explaining in my usual uncomplicated English what the problem is.

Question 4
(Poole's book again) How would you define "freedom"? (this could probably be a bonus question) Hmm...freedom is the ability to speak ones own mind and not be shunned for it. Sometimes I don't feel like I have the freedom to think what I want, or explore other options, especially when it comes to my family. Anything that they don't agree with always ends in a fight-- sometimes it bugs me how "close-minded" they are.

Question 5
(Poole's book) On a scale of 1-10, how happy do you usually feel? Explain. Usually...haha that is a hard one for me. Lately, I've been feeling a bit more down than usual...maybe a 6/7. A month ago, I would have pegged myself at a 9. There are a lot of uncertainties in my life right now, and until they are resolved I don't think I'll feel completely happy.

Bonus Questions
Question 6
If you could choose one "SIN" that you would never have to struggle with for the rest of your life what would it be? Jealousy, especially when it pertains to my sister Shae. She and I are only 12 months apart, and I've always felt that she was the "smarter one", the "good one", etc. She currently has a boyfriend, is finishing her senior year of college with honors, and sometimes I still struggle with this.

Question 7
What is one thing that breaks your heart? Alzheimer's Disease. After spending time with my grandpa last just breaks my heart. It really hurts to know that I will never be able to see the old him again, that he'll never visit us bringing lots of milk cartons, nuts, calendars, and other various odd objects... truly, I cannot put it into words. It's a horrible, horrible disease and I wouldn't wish it upon my greatest enemy.


  1. I loved your answers to the last couple of questions. I understand the sibling jealousy...I dealt with that a lot in my younger days. God has really done a work in my heart when it comes to jealousy (although not perfect) I don't struggle as much with that sin now as I used to.

    I agree Alzheimer's (is that spelled right?) is a horrible disease... Blessings to you, and I hope some of the thing you are uncertain about will become more clear in the days to come...

  2. i would love relaxing that way if I lived near water. I grew up near the Gulf of Mexico and sometimes miss having easy access to the water.

    A agree about conflict. It's est just to be frank and get it over with -- I don't know why I put it off.

    Alzheimer's is one of the most heart-breaking diseases.

  3. You have a nice ideas to the first 2 questions and last 3 questions. Happy weekend. mine is ready.

  4. Loved reading your answers. Have a terrific Friday!

  5. I understand the heartbreak of Alzheimer's. My father (81)is just beginning down this painful road. I enjoyed reading your answers.

  6. Enjoyed reading your answers! Love the idea of staring at the water for hours!

  7. I can relate to your answer for #5. And, Alzheimer's would've been next on my list of things that break my heart. My grandmother had dementia & early on-set Alzheimer's. I lost her in a few years ago! It was so sad to watch her in this state!

    Have a good weekend!

    Jennifer :-)


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