Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The makings of a snow day

I think today's a perfect day to have a snow day! I had a crazy weekend and yesterday was NUTS at work. My co-worker and I had been there 1/2 hour when she asked me if it was Friday yet. LOL. Seriously, though- within an hour of our arrival, we had the kids eating lunch, but that hour was also punctuated with: a missing lunch request note (resulting in a very unhappy 5 year old young boy), a little girl who didn't want to go come to lunch and spent 5 minutes lying on the floor of the hallway pouting, that same girl refusing to sit at circle, being asked to go to a chair, pulling people's coats off of the hooks, being put back in a chair about 20 times, being sent to the office... then about 15 minutes later, she looked my boss in the eye and peed on the floor- purposely! I was in the bathroom helping another little girl who'd had an accident...

yea, we're due for a snow day!

Sunday I spent at my parents' house celebrating my sister Lily's 13th birthday. I hadn't spent time with most of my family since Christmastime, so it was good to see them all. My mom and I spent most of the day doing my taxes...oh, so fun!

On Saturday I played 3 straight hours of Broomball...have you ever played? Oh my gosh, so much fun!!!! We weren't very competitive, since most of us hadn't played before, but it was a blast. I knew two of the seven people on my team, and made 5 new friends! We had a team picture taken at the end of the night too- I was glad other people brought their cameras! I spent much of the night trying not to fall, as did my whole team. I played defense most of the time, because I suck at offense! I was dealing with a sore body on Sunday and Monday, but today I'm feeling better. Just in time to go sledding and get it sore again! ;)

Alrighty, I'm off to catch up on memes and google reader. Mine hasn't gotten below 1000+ new items in a few weeks...haha!!

Plus, I just learned a really cool thing! By typing "&.h.e.a.r.t.s.;" (without the periods) you can make a heart! Thanks, Skittle!


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