Monday, February 25, 2008

Playing catch up!

Sooo I had a wonderful weekend!!!! Here is a rundown of the past few days. As it turned out my school district got canceled because of snow on Friday so I didn't even need a personal day...woohoo!!

~ Left @ 11 pm on Thursday evening for DC
~ It took us almost an hour just to get out of town...ridiculous!
~ The trip, which typically takes 6.5 hours, took over 9 because of snow/ice
~ We saw a BUNCH of scary, but we all arrived safely
~ We arrived in DC around 8 am, and the rest of our caravan (4 more cars!) didn't get there until 10!
~ Slept from 8:30am- 2 pm
~ Had an early dinner @ an Italian place, all 24 of us
~ Was messed up the rest of the day because of the crazy sleep schedule, but had an awesome Passion session beginning at 7:30 pm
~ Stayed up late talking to the girls, reminded me of much fun!!
~ Saturday sessions were good, but I really thought Friday evening drew me in the most. Maybe because I was exhausted??

Some things I do not want to forget about the weekend
* My friend A proclaiming that she can plan a wedding in 10-15 days...can't wait to see it!! ;)
* One of my new friends talking about how everyone likes someone, and proclaiming "Well, where are the people that like us??
*So, so many laughs...

This week should be pretty fun! My birthday is on Thursday, woohoo, and about 8 of us are going out to dinner and bowling- I am excited that

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