Sunday, February 03, 2008

Saturday Six 2/2

1. You sit down at a restaurant table and notice a $5 bill tucked away — apparently a tip left by a previous patron — that the wait staff missed. How likely would you be to keep the five bucks for yourself? Not at all likely...I'd call the waiter/waitress over and explain the situation, then hand them the money.

2. Do you think that your friends know more gossip about you, or that you know more about them? I have no idea...I try not to gossip about my friends, but who knows?

3. If you could, would you prefer to reverse your answer to Question 2? No

4. Take the quiz: Are you virtuous?

You Are Incredibly Virtuous

You're so good that you may end up a saint.
You do the right thing a lot more than most people, even when it's near impossible.

You put a lot of thought in to every action you do. You always try to make the right decisions.
And that's all it takes to be a truly virtuous person.

Where You Are Virtuous

You have the virtue of Sincerity. You are not deceitful, and you always have the best intentions.

You have the virtue of Temperance. You don't eat or drink excessively.

You have the virtue of Order. You let each thing have it's place, and you keep your life in order.

You have the virtue of Silence. You avoid frivolous conversation, and you use your words carefully.

You have the virtue of Cleanliness. You keep yourself and your home clean.

You have the virtue of Chastity. You only are intimate with the purest of intentions.

5. You see a new product come out you really want, but it’s a little outside of your price range. (Let’s say that it costs about $300 or so.) How likely are you to wait until you have the full price saved before you go and buy it? At this point in my life, very likely- about 99%. I'm trying to save money and a $300 purchase would totally screw up my budgeting! ;)

6. You go out with friends to a going-away party for a colleague, and it is held at a local pub. How likely are you to drink at least to the point of feeling a “buzz”? Pubs/bars are not my thing...I'd probably have 1 or 2 drinks and be done.

Saturday Six

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