Sunday, February 17, 2008

Six Unimportant Things

I was reading A Gentleman's Domain and thought this meme sounded like I'm joining in! All I have to do is share six non-important things/habits/quirks about myself...

1. Because I grew up in a large family, I always need to have some sort of noise around playing, people talking, etc.

2. I love staying busy with work and friends, but still need time to myself frequently.

3. I made up my own major in college. Not really...but there wasn't and isn't anyone at the college with my major, so I just decided what I wanted to do and did it. People still ask me, "Oh, that's a major here? I didn't know that!" LOL...

4. I am not addicted to Starbuck's. Or Tim Horton's. Or Dunkin Donuts. I'm just not a coffee/donut person. In fact, I still have about $60 of the $80 Starbuck's gift cards that I got at Christmastime from school. I don't know what to spend them on!

5. Unlike my younger siblings, I cannot sleep past 10 am, no matter how late I stay up. During Christmas break, a few of my sibs were staying up late (as was I) but then they would sleep until 2-3 PM!

6. I enjoy reading, a lot. I usually have 15-20 books on hold at the library and go through them quickly. I have about an hour of "free time" at work during which I talk to my co-workers, read books, and eat my lunch.

Feel free to jump in and join this meme...I'm not going to tag anyone :)

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  1. hanks for picking up the meme, and for the link. Interesting list, but where is #6?


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