Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Summer job searching

I officially hate summer job searching. I feel like I've gotten nowhere!! I have found:

- the family I used to nanny for...this will be their 5th nanny in a year or so. Lovely...
- a school that wanted to hire me to plan EVERYTHING for the summer...field trips, lesson plans, etc. I wonder if I'd even get to actually interact with the kids?
- people who are looking for surrogate moms...just not for me
- internships at radio stations/ tv stations...


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  1. I hear ya. I only got in 2 years of teaching before having kids, so I didn't experience this as much. While I WAS teaching I also worked p/t at a drug store, so I just continued there when school was not in session. Working 2 jobs is not fun, though!

    What about tutoring? Sylvan Learning Centers (they even have online tutoring-I did that for a while, too), or posting your info at the local library?

    Good Luck on your search!


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