Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11

This week-- 13 of my favorite pictures from France. I went to France for 5 days in 2004 while studying in Austria...can we say amazing??

1. Up first, one of my very favorite pictures that I took while in Europe. Beautiful, clear, and perfect...a rose in Lourdes, France!

2. Crazy traffic in Paris...all the cars look like they're about to hit each other!

3. Paris at night...breathtaking.

4. My friend K and I on a HUGE head just sitting in a plaza in Paris. We had fun climbing this thing!

5. Two trains, pre-crash!

6. CREPES!!! This was in Lourdes, just sitting in a small parking lot. The crepes were amazing, though!

7. The Eiffel Tower right before complete darkness of the night...

8. Pizza delivery, via ...moped?!?

9. Beautiful cross on a gorgeous day in Lourdes
10. My friend K using the cool soap in the bathrooms...weird, though

11. Lourdes, France at dusk

12. Healing water fountain @ Lourdes

13. Fountain in Paris somewhere
Hope you enjoyed them...up next week, Poland!

Thursday Thirteen


  1. I love Paris so much - you have no idea what a huge treat this is for me. Thank you. And that rose is gorgeous!
    My TT is Food for thought.

  2. You have spectacular photos. Thanks for the trip!

    Happy Birthday.

  3. we can definitely say, amazing...happy TT.

  4. Oh my, those pictures were awesome.. Nutella on crepes...gotta be heaven!


  5. Looks like an amazing trip!

  6. Wonderful pictures. They make me realize how much I miss Paris.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I like this idea for a TT.:) I so wish I had had a digital camera when I was in Austria. That was back in '99, though, and they were relatively pricey then.

    I can't wait for Poland's pics. That was one country that caught me by surprise-I really enjoyed it much more than I anticipated.

    Have a great day! Happy Birthday, once again!

  8. That first photo reminds me of something I'd see in a card shop! Beautiful!

  9. I'd love to go to Paris! That one picture of the traffic is crazy! How is that they didn't all hit each other?

  10. Very nice pictures! I've been to Paris, but unfortunatly I didn't have such a great time there :( But that was more to do with the company I was with.
    Just curious; pizza delivery via mopeds isn't normal then? Cause we also do it this way in holland. Do they deliver by car only in other countries?
    Happy belated birthday, and thanks for stopping by my tt!


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