Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tomorrow's the big day...

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday-

In all honesty, I'm thankful and sad to leave 22 behind. I went through a lot of life changes this past year and I'm excited for what lies ahead.

The day will be lots of fun- I'm working an early shift in addition to my normal one, so I'll be in the classroom from 8am-6pm. After work, my roommate, 7 friends and I are all going out to dinner and then bowling. I'm looking forward to it, even though all of my friends don't know each other :D Should be a blast!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Bethany. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! 23? You're mature for 23. :)
    I hope you have a great time tonight. I'm sure this will be a great year for you!

  3. Happy Birthday! I am so happy to know another blogger who is the same age as me! Ha ha :-)


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