Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day with Kids

There's only one word for it...CRAZY!! The children all had Valentine's parties in their morning classes and by the time we got them at lunch time, they were so incredibly hyper. As a plus though, they ALL slept at least part of the time, which has never once happened since I've worked there!

We served them popcorn and hot cocoa for snack in the afternoon, although circle time was nuts. I have read a few cute books to the kids during recent circle times lately, but today's book was sooo boring. I could barely follow along with it and ended up skipping a few random pages. You couldn't even tell. I felt badly for reading it afterwards, so I'll have to go to the library next week and get some better ones. I read them Chicka Chicka 123 last week and they really enjoyed that! At the end, we all counted from 0-100-- they did pretty well considering how young most of them are!

Daley: Where are the fish?
Me: You know where the fish are, Daley. (They are dead, btw)
Daley: Yes. When the fish are sick, you just give them to the doctor and get new ones.
Araminta lost her first tooth today. She was FREAKING out...
Araminta: It's bleeding, my mouth is bleeding!!
Me: It's this your first tooth to fall out??
Araminta: Yes!!! It's bleeding!!!!!
Araminta's friends: It's okay, Araminta, my tooth came out and the Tooth Fairy came...
Araminta: But one of my friends who is older told me that if you touch the Tooth Fairy, she will pinch you!! (I hadn't heard that one before!!!)

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