Tuesday, March 04, 2008

American Idol, Tuesday, Snow..

I just got in from watching American idol with some friends after a LONNNNG workday. Oh my gosh...we had a few problems today with a couple of the boys. I'm not going to go into it because it'll make me stressed, but suffice to say they are wearing myself and my co-worker out. They are 5 and 6 and are torturing other children-- purposely.

After work, a group of us went to see "Lars and the Real Girl" at the $ Theater nearby. We laughed the whole time, even though it was supposed to be a serious story. It was stupid funny, you know?? If I'd been watching alone, I'm sure I'd have turned off my computer but watching with other young people made it that much more hilarious!!

On to American Idol...here are my thoughts:

Luke - He needs to go. For some reason, I haven't liked him from the beginning. I didn't like his song choice, his singing...nothing

David A - Still really like him-- he'll be here for a while! His song choice definitely wasn't the best, but he still did a wonderful job.

Danny - UGH. I wish he'd go home, but I don't think he will quite yet. I don't like his attitude at all, he kind of pisses me off. LOL.

David H - This is the first week that I've thought he did a good job. He performed really well tonight!

Michael - Eh, liked him more in past weeks. Hopefully he'll be able to redeem himself next week, I think he'll still be here. His song choice wasn't the best for him, so I wasn't feeling the song, but oh well.

David C - Pretty good, thought it was a good song choice for him

Jason C - I thought he did okay but not as well as Simon thought!

Chikezie - Not awful, but not good, either. I don't think he'll be here much longer.

Who I think will go home: Luke & Chikezie

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  1. I loved David C...but I totally agree with the 2nd guy from the last...the one simon loved. I thought he was okay but bad song cause who doesn't love the song the way it was! He shouldn't have touched it


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